Tres producciones de América Latina forman parte de la edición 2011 de Global Lens en el MoMA. La serie corre de Enero 13 al 28, 2011. Visita Global Lens en

THE TENANTS (OS INQUILINOS), dir. Sérgio Bianchi, Brazil, 2009

Os Inquilinos (The Tenannts). 2009. Brazil. Sérgio Bianchi. Courtesy of Global Film Initiative.

After three mysterious men move into a smoky São Paulo suburb, a neighboring couple becomes obsessed with the men’s clandestine activities and the ozone of violence that descends upon their once tranquil neighborhood.

THE INVISIBLE EYE (LA MIRADA INVISIBLE), dir. Diego Lerman, Argentina, 2010*

La Mirada Invisible (The Invisible Eye). 2010. Argentina, Diego Lerman. With Julieta Zylberberg, Osmar Nuñuz. Courtesy of Global Film Initiative.

Against the backdrop of Argentina’s mid-80s military regime, an overzealous young teacher develops an unusual obsession with one of her students after she is asked to keep a watchful “eye” over the happenings at an elite Buenos Aires private school.

A USEFUL LIFE (LA VIDA ÚTIL), dir. Federico Veiroj, Uruguay, 2010**

La Vida Útil (A Useful Life). 2010. Uruguay. Directed by Federico Veiroj. With Jorge Jellinek. Courtesy of Global Film Initiative.

After financial troubles and a dwindling audience force an art-house cinema to shut its doors permanently, its most devoted employee is suddenly left without a “home” and forced to adjust to life outside of the theater.

Fuente: Latino Events


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