Lo mejor del Corto Latino en Los Angeles: LA Shorts Fest 2010

Mañana dará comienzo la edition 2010 de LA Shorts Fest en Los Angeles, uno de los mejores escaparates para las nuevas promesas del cine futuro.
Aqui en Latin America Film hemos seleccionado el major Talento Latino que podra ser visto en los próximos dais, no se lo pierdan!
Nosotros vamos a estar allí para traerles de primera mano las notocias mas recientes. Sigan este espacio!

El Tio Facundo
Foreign / Cuban/Mexican / 29 min.
Something happened during the summer of 1952 that shattered my hopes of ever having a normal life; my uncle Facundo showed up. We started having a ball and he made our lives fun again but the town became a disaster. How do we get rid of him?
Director: Alejandro Cachoua
Producer: Asori Soto, Alejandro Cachoua
Writer: Alejandro Cachoua

El Armadillo Fronterizo / The Border Armadillo
Action/Adventure / Mexico / 7 min.
An adventurous armadillo conquers the dangerous border crossing to feed his growing new family back home.
Director: Miguel Anaya
Producer: Carolina Pavia
Writer: Miguel Anaya

Drama / Spain / 9 min.
Fatum is the boundless force of opposition against free will…He himself is but the toy of his fears.
Director: Pablo Millan
Producer: Pablo Millan
Writer: Pablo Millan

My Name is Maria
Animation / Spain / 4 min.
Maria is six years old and she is working on her first school composition.
Director: Elio Quiroga-Rodriguez
Producer: Elio Quiroga-Rodriguez, Miguel Martinez
Writer: Elio Quiroga-Rodriguez

Notes On The Other
Documentary / Spain / 13 min.
Each summer, a crowd of Ernest Hemingway doubles meet in Key West, Florida, to choose the authentic Hemingway after Hemingway’s death.
Director: Sergio Oskman
Producer: Sergio Oskman
Writer: Sergio Oskman

Drama / Spain / 12 min.
We all have secrets. We all have family. We all search for happiness. What if we share our secrets and search together for happiness?
Director: David Moreno
Producer: Raquel Pedreira
Writer: David Moreno


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